Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fallout 3

Warning: This is not a game for the impatient.

This is a brilliant FPS-RPG with a lot of detailing into character development and choices. Taking into account that its an RPG u no what to expect a lot of Chit-Chat with some very very annoying NPCs...

Starting off in a vault which was a place of sanctity post nuclear war period. U have to run away and get out into the radiation filled world with not much to go on except trying to find your father in a world that has been unknown to u for the duration of the 19 years that u have lived.

The character Development starts with Chosing ur Sex M/F then ur Name and then what u would like your character to look like ingame with a lot of detail involded. The initial part of the game can be quite boring and irritating as u dont do much except talk to ppl. Its only after ur father runs away and leave the vault that the real game begins. Escaping the vault is another headache all together but once ur out ur free to either follow the main story line or just run around exploring a huge landscape. Something that i feel is unique to this game is the existence of radio if u dont feel like playing u can just sit down and listen to the radio. Also the Signal Strength varies so u might not get a particular radio station everywhere u go but there is always a substitute.

The Choice u make affect how the game plays out and where u go and what quests u do im certain that there are an extremely large amount of options available since u have multiple choices to move in different directions with different ppl and varying quest.

If r Weapon skills are very important in this game as they determine ur chances of hitting a person. Also the trajectory of the weapon is not straight but slightly angled since thats the way the gun is held. Its Quite the piece of work this one.

The Graphics Detailing and Shadow effects as well as the night and day cycles are well done. There is even a sleep feature but it not as well done as the sleep feature in Farcry 2.

I give this game a 8/10 and that a lot considering i particularly dislike RPG game coz there is too much chit chat in them.

Some ScreenShots:

This is the view when u 1st exit the vault.


Thats some awesome lighting effect

Need For Speed: Undercover

A HIGHLY anticipated title by me and a lot of other Gamers around the world.
This latest installment in the NFS series had the mammoth task of wiping out the prejudice and impudence created by its predecessor Need for Speed Prostreet.
Taking into consideration that the last title brought nothing but abuses from everyone EA decided to take the action back to the streets and give the players what they expect from NFS.

I dont know how this story ends but being an undercover cop infiltrating street racing gangs is quite a bit of fun. Considering the amazing improvements in graphics and effects in this game there is great pleasure to be sought in just driving around in the car of ur dreams even though it may just be in the virtual world. There are however, certain points at which we can see or atleast it seems like the cars in front of u is floating in the air.

The Cop chases are back and somehow seem simpler than ever I dont no if it me or has the AI gotten a lot dumber than NFS:Most Wanted. In any case u still have the usual cost to state, Cop car knockout and Escape from the cop game modes that are fun at certain points but still seem a bit toooo easy for my liking. There is a lack of the free roam challenges that made driving around town way more fun in NFS:Underground those have been replaced by these new game modes called Highway Battles that require u to either get a lead of 1000+ feet or keep the lead for 60+ seconds.

The usual game modes include Circuit, Sprint & Checkpoint. I dont understand why cant EA just Keep the Drags and Drifts im sure a lot of ppl will agree that those were the most fun races specially the drifting style that was implemented in NFS: Carbon.

Well all in all its a pretty fun game and if ur a car enthusiast by all means go get this coz itll keep u occupied. If u want to get over Prostreet i would advise u to get Carbon coz its way more fun and tougher even. But still its NFS and its always fun. :>

As a Gamer i give it a 5.5 coz of repetitive gameplay.
Cheers :>