Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wolfenstein 2009


If you have grown up playing games then Wolfenstein is definitely one of the game that you will have played. This version of the game is set in world war II with the Nazis performing experiments on their prisoners and citizens of the town.

B.J. Blaskowitz an agent for the allies comes across a medallion that give him special abilities. Its kind of like the crysis suite. These abilities can be upgraded and used rather effectively along with an element from the good old days when we could carry many different weapons. Its a very uncommon feature in the games these days where realism is the focus.

The gameplay is rather engrossing inspite of it being fairly linear since you dont have much choice of where to go and sometime how to get there. You will however, have a lot of gun fights and the many weapons with tons of upgrade opportunities combined with the many abilities allow you to play the game in your own way giving it a slight personalization. Choose to be a silent sniper taking out your enemies from far away or charge in with a shield and take them all out real quick and loud.

There are pieces of gold and intelligence scattered through out the game. These are the key to getting upgrades for the weapons. Totems are pieces of ancient technology that are also scattered but always hidden in the wall behind a breakable plate. collect these to unlock upgrades for you abilities.

The game play time isnt too large but on completing the game you are given access to the cheats menu. The pumpkin head cheat adds a new element of fun to it almost making you want to play the game over just to see them pumpkins explode.

The physics and graphics of the game are kind of a let down but the game is still a lot of fun.
I give it a 7.5/10.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


There isnt much to say about this games. It gives u the options of using various off road vehicles for races on varying tracks. Has the largest map on a game world ever.

Allows upgrades, custom paint jobs & custom suits for the drivers like most other racing games. You can play the races by selecting them from a safe house or go into free roam and just cruise around.

However, apart from the huge map this game is just another racer. Personally i preferred PURE as that had a major fun element with the mid air trick. This is like play an off road Need for speed : undercover. Its a been there done that kinda things. Not really original now is it.

For the scenic beauty and vast expanse I give it a 4/10 coz its nothing special.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum

Well Its been a while since i posted a review but now im back its that time of the year again when games come out in batches and parents have to sadly deny the pleasure of playing every games that releases to both themselves and their children.

Batman Arkham Asylum was a release that everyone was waiting for since the 1st teasers released. Arkham Island is host to the psychopaths that Gotham city managed to lock away. However, the Joker was up to his old tricks plotting while in captivity in the correctional facility. His single motive to unmask and kill his arch enemy BATMAN.

Obviously you take on the role of Bruce Wayne as Batman as he has just brought The Joker in who managed to escape with some inside help. Once the Joker lures Batman into the lower levels of Arkham Asylum he springs his trap with the help of some friends on the inside.

The versatility of moves and choice of vantage points helps keep the game interesting allowing you to play either as a shadow in the night or hack away. The good part you dont have to stick to one. The combos are fairly simple to execute and do sometimes seem monotonous however, with upgrades you can change them up to keep things interesting.

For all the stealth loving gamers out there the gargoyle hanging and silent kills will add to the fun of creating terror in the Joker's goons.

The AI does get rather predictable and there is a great deal of linear game play. But with the large number of trophies that you can collect it can take a while before u clear out an area completely.

The Detective vision that has been introduced into this game makes for some very interesting observations giving you vulnerabilities in the environment, character stats, identifying enemy vitals even marking out armed enemies from unarmed ones.

There are a lot of different ways to play this game and the visual effect are pretty high up. For all the action/adventure and entertainment this game is absolute value for money. I give it a 9.5/10.


Silet Takedowns can get you out of some pretty tight situations.

One of the silent kill cut scenes.

Get a good view of the area.

Use detective mode to see what ur up against.

Choose a target and find out their vitals.

Just taking in the view.

Grapple to a vantage point then...

...Swoop down on ur unsuspecting enemies.

Hang from the gargoyle and wait...

...Watch him walk into ur trap...

...Pick em up...

...and let em hang :D