Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mirror's Edge

This is a game that u could call a very good counter for the Prince of Persia that came out recently. The whole free runners thing that they have come up with is actually more realistic than the running that is done in PoP. The shacky camera while running actually give a very good effect on the whole. If u want to really enjoy this game u must have excellent reaction time as u have to jump run slide and dodge ur way through a lot of stuff. there are almost always alternate routes available incase u dont wanna go melee on guys with guns or u could disarm one of them and go guns a blazing. The choice is urs and its a lot of fun.

The Melee fighting in 1st person takes a little getting used to but its nothing someone who has played Condemned: Criminal origins cant master. The bots get progressive tougher and depending on the uniform u no if ur gonna knock them out easy or they are gonna really put up a fight.

The whole concept of this game and the way it has been implemented is simply amazing and results in some amazing gameplay. It has been very well executed however the character response in the game could have been slightly better there are instances where the response time is delayed by 1ms and can lead to some very tight situations.

There are certain area where the textures and layout seem to repeat themselves but thats ok since it is a city and there will be similarities among areas in a city.

If u like Prince of persia this game will certainly give u new hope considering the failure of the last release. For some stunning views and motion blur combined with great level design and game play this game get a 7/10 since it only provides about 6-7 hours of game play time. However, its a real fun 6-7 hours.

Some Screen Shots:

Prince of Persia (PC-2008)

I really dont thing that this game could have been any worse. I never thought i would say this but the original Dos based Prince of Persia game that i played 15 odd years ago was more exciting and fun. How could they mess up so bad I have no idea. They took one of the best series of games and turned it into a failure talk about doing a 180 the wrong way and landing flat on ur face.

The previous saga consisting of The Sands of time, Two thrones and Warrior Within had made the PoP series one of the most addictive and entertaining. Thus the new release had a bar to match up to and lets just say the bar was tooooooooo far out of reach. Where to begin with the terrors....

Lets start with the character models...
There is a black outline around the characters...How and y would u want that... there is no way to change the graphic settings so good luck there... While playing the game u feel like u are in some photoshop version of a very cheap animated movie. This totally sux even the old engine would have been good.

The fighting style... The free form fighting style where an action lead to many different opportunities and options was an amazing way to play the game making it unique to the played and leaving them to option to hack and slash in a way they felt was fun. The new combo fighting system seems fun initially but it has too many limitations and is too simple for veteran PoP players. Not Fun at all and highly monotonous after a point.

You will spend maybe an hour running around collecting orbs of magic for ur companion that is trying to rebuild the sacred land and get rid of the darkness that is spreading. This also again get boring since it is the same thing over and over again. The puzzle solving has been made slightly annoying now and is going towards the tomb raider complexity which is not a good thing at all. PoP is not a Puzzle game its an action/adventure game why would u want to make it a puzzle game. Moving on u have spent an hour running up walls and swinging off ledges and stuff and u have finally come to an enemy and ur like aite lets kick some ass. You start ur combo and co-incidentally after 3 hits u have reached the end of the platform that u are fighting on and boom it goes into a cutscene where ur combo is broken the enemy who may have been in the air courtesy of ur combo is standing on the ground in front of u and u stab him. So all the fun has been squeezed out of the game.

There are no hoards of enemies to fight and multiple attacks to chose from its all running around trying to heal the land. I mean WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! This latest installment of PoP is so Bad that i dont think it even deserves a rating but since thats what im here to do I give it a 3/10 for Scenic Beauty. The gameplay is crap and the game is no fun at all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grand Theft Auto 4

This is a long overdue Review.
Well now this is a game that there is so much to say about and so little time. The mass amount of detailing that has gone into this game is not even funny. Its like picking up a pack of games for the price of one. There is a lot of options from going out on a date to just hanging with friends at a bar, going bowling, shoot some Pool etc... One of my favorites go for a chopper Ride. How Cool is that...

Normally the driving in GTA isnt too realistic however with this one the have worked very hard to provide a good driving experience where the guy flies out of the car if u hit something that is not movable (like a wall) at very high speeds.

One of the best features is the fact that u can hitch a ride with a cab instead of driving to places. Its quite an excellent enhancement. Well the taxi Driver AI isnt that good but its not easy to make one so im not one to complain.

There are so many details in the game that u simply have to play it to find out what the fuss is about. There are so many options available to u when u play that u dont even have to follow the story all the time to be able to have fun.... Strip Clubs FTW!!! ;)

This game without a shadow of a doubt gets a 10/10 even though there were a lot of glitches initially with the servers being down and bad memory optimization. Lets look over that since the patch came out fairly soon after the game released.

Some Screen Shots: