Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mirror's Edge

This is a game that u could call a very good counter for the Prince of Persia that came out recently. The whole free runners thing that they have come up with is actually more realistic than the running that is done in PoP. The shacky camera while running actually give a very good effect on the whole. If u want to really enjoy this game u must have excellent reaction time as u have to jump run slide and dodge ur way through a lot of stuff. there are almost always alternate routes available incase u dont wanna go melee on guys with guns or u could disarm one of them and go guns a blazing. The choice is urs and its a lot of fun.

The Melee fighting in 1st person takes a little getting used to but its nothing someone who has played Condemned: Criminal origins cant master. The bots get progressive tougher and depending on the uniform u no if ur gonna knock them out easy or they are gonna really put up a fight.

The whole concept of this game and the way it has been implemented is simply amazing and results in some amazing gameplay. It has been very well executed however the character response in the game could have been slightly better there are instances where the response time is delayed by 1ms and can lead to some very tight situations.

There are certain area where the textures and layout seem to repeat themselves but thats ok since it is a city and there will be similarities among areas in a city.

If u like Prince of persia this game will certainly give u new hope considering the failure of the last release. For some stunning views and motion blur combined with great level design and game play this game get a 7/10 since it only provides about 6-7 hours of game play time. However, its a real fun 6-7 hours.

Some Screen Shots:

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  1. Personally I loved this game.
    The length felt just right.Storywise it was short and sweet.Nothing went overboard like twists usually tend to be.Music score was such a perfect match.Loved every bit of the free running exprience, loved the character, good gameplay design makes this a must play.