Friday, October 31, 2008

Command And Conquer: Red Alert 3

Ahhh... Its Finally here the long awaited Command And Conquer: Red Alert 3 game.

Quite the exceptional Job on this one i must say. As a person who had played every C&C game that has ever some out i can say that ok i quite know the series...

RA 3 Has topped all the other C&C games to date. The smooth animation for the structures being build and the the motion of the carious components in the structures almost make u feel like something is being constructed everytime u give the build command.

So Far i have finished the soviet campaign and its been quite a bit of fun. The added Top Secret Abilities of every Race have replaced the super weapons even though they are still accessible i would rather use the Top Secret Abilites since there are numerous of those and the super weapon just gets added to it...Rather overshadowed.

The New Race "The Empire of the rising sun" has an amazing technological advances compared to the allies and soviets with transforming robots and the huge super robot.

The Crushing feature that was one of my favorite features in the previous versions that was implemented by pressing the alt+Ctrl keys and issuing a force move order has now been accepted as a viable option to get rid of large masses of annoying infantry.
Also larger vehicles can crush smaller ones.

The best feature that has been introduced in this version of the game is the Co-op campaign mode that allows you to play the entire campaign with a friend and plan out how u will knock out the PC.... This feature was remotely introduced in a different form in Red Alert 2 where they had an entirely different co-op online campaign but that was rather boring since there was a lot of limitations this way u get a lot more freedom and variety in the way u can play the game.

Most Structures are no longer restricted to being constructed on land they can be built on water as well and there are a lot more vehicle options available since there are a lot of amphibious vehicles as well as land and air transforming vehicles that changes the way the map is navigated by the units. Alternate Fire mode on most Units or special abilities is something that has never been seen in any other game in the series...

The only feature that is missing in this game is that u can no longer zoom into the game to view a detailed explosion of a final objective and for this reason i give this game a 9.5/10. But Other wise its an amazing game....BRAVO EA ONCE AGAIN.

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