Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game that have recently come out

OK NOW....

FARCRY 2- 8.5 from me reasons. totally love the gameplay the elimination of the crosshair makes for good realism the ingame map adds to it Healing ur wounds tahts really fresh and makes for awesome game play...Blowing up of weapons, jamming and wear and tear are really awesome gameplay elements. The modes of transport available are quite fun boat bus or car bus is fast but takes u only to specific points. The Sleep feature they have put in is really kewl giving u an animation of how the outside changed when u are sleeping from sunrise to sun set. its all there and it works in real time except for when u sleep ofcourse, good stuff.

The Bad the trees and grass look like stick figures. U cannot damage the grass or trees like cutting it. Bullet holes in the windshield of a car disappear after some time. The AI is not too great even on hardcore mode which is what im playing at there is insane but then its 1 shot kill im guessing.The AI on farcry 1 seemed better for some reason. U have to really pick ur shots in this game u cannot go guns a blazin u will die...... Also the sniper is perfectly steady which isnot possible unless u are leaning on some surface for support COD 4 had that feature and made it harder to play but was definately more realistic.

Dead Space...

DEAD SPACE IS LIKE TOTALLY FREAKY TO TOTALLY ENJOY IT PLAY IT IN A DARK ROOM WITH HEADPHONES OR LOUD SPEAKERS AND U WILL FREAK OUT. I played it only done like 20 min of game play and there were some really scay scary parts. The creatures come crawling towards u its freaky shoot them and they dont die shoot legs and they crawl wtf awesomely done EA!!!!

This game i liked even more than farcry 2 even though it may not have a free roam environment considerably linear but again ingame map no tabbing out for inventory or anything everything is ingame so u need to be careful or u will die. The interface they have developed is somewhat like splinter cell on the camera front not something that i enjoy but this game has made it worth the extra effort to try and get used to it. Again there is no crosshair but there are 3 laser pointers that come into play when u are using the gun again making for good realism. The creature behaviour and gore in this game is totally awesome. I no its too early to comment on the AI but i think its really good. there was a scene where there is a walkway above me i heard a sound so i point the gun up and there was a creature there it immediately runs off into some other dark area very very good shit there.

The Bad its linear not too many options but considerable amount of shocks and surprises this game deserves a 9.5 for the innovative creature responses and environments they have come up with.

Brothers in arms Hells Highway: OK now i would call this Rainbow Six meets Gears of war/COD 4 Although its fun in the beginning thinking of how u will take out the enemy by flanking them and what not after a points the repetitive nature of this game gets very annoying. There arent too many weapons or options open to u but the gore that this game provides is fun in the beginning but again that too gets repetitive. With a linear playfield with specifically marked objectives and possibly at max 2 options of how u will flank the enemy at any given point of this i call this a pretty cheap effort and give it a 5. The battle intensive battle system is well executed though this game has a lot to be desired. If ur going to compete with Farcry 2, Crysis and Dead Space u better make ur shit worth it rite....

Anyways let me know what u think and order in which u should get games is Dead Space, Farcry 2, Brothers in arms hells highway(IF u want to that is Otherwise the 1st 2 are enough to keep u occupied till 28th oct when C&C Red Alert3 comes out.)

After which ofcourse the long anticipated of the only game to get a perfect 10 on game spot GTA 4 releases for the PC on 18th Nov. Will keep ull posted. Later.

Arioch Out

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