Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spider Man: Web Of Shadows

Here is a game that is totally worth a play atleast for the simple reason that its Spider man...

This latest installation in the spiderman series breaks off from all the others to give u a new look and feel on the gaming front. The new combat style has no parallel so far the Dev team has completely outdone themselves on that front. There is a certain addiction that this new combat style brings into the game. Although the number of moves are restricted the capability to be able to switch between the red and black suite within an instant give u a whole new moves list at your disposal.
The animation of the characters is pretty good in comparison to the other games in series this one is way smoother and realistic. The alternate endings to the game are good depending on the path that u choose the red or the black path. This is another new element to let the player decide the fate of the City. There are a bunch of friends that u can choose from to help u out if u really want but that not something great. Help is rarely necessary. The large number of boss fights is nothing that we dont see too often these days so that nice even thought they are extremely simple.These are the good points that i think are worth stating.

The camera view that has been adapted in this version has a chance to give a person a headache if u are running across buildings alot. The graphics used for the city could have been better and also the partially breakable glass on the buildings is quite the let down. The game difficulty could have been higher it took me only 10 hours to finish the game. These are the bad points that i noticed.

For these reasons i give this game a 7/10.

Game play pictures:

The Spider man grind

Empire State Building Central Park View

View Of the City From the Top Of the empire State Building

Spidey Goes Splat after a big fall

Just slidin UP the wall

Now Slidin Down The wall

Spider man Specal Move BeatDown on a very annoying Mini Venom

Spider Man Vs Venom Wolverine

Venom Black Cat Doing a number on Spider man

The Final Boss- 5 headed Giant Venom
(A good Exploit in this part or any part of the game is swing around in circles at a decent height and u can regen ur health. Also when venom spits out his minions u can run over to the other side of the ship and then wait for the minions there and then run back and take out venom before they have a chance to even touch u.)

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